Neurocare: The Neurocare unit is an Electrodermal therapy that stimulates nerves and muscles.  It has been effective for relieving pain, reducing edema, reversing muscular atrophy, and restoring nerves after damage, plus many other anecdotal effects.

Mechanism of Action: The Neurocare Electrodermal therapy unit applies short high voltage signals that repeat and rise in intensity (voltage increase) for approximately one second.  The unit then sends no signals for approximatly one second, and then repeats the cycle.  The individual pulse produces a high voltage, and correspondingly high current flow, for the short duration of the pulse.  The individual pulse is repeated many times for about 1 second, all during which time the peak voltage of the pulse is graducally raised.  After the sequence of very short, high voltage, pulses, the signal stops completely for about a second, which gives the tissue a short rest period.  This sequence produces a strong stimulation of nerves and muscles.  The resting period allows the tissues to cleanse the metabolic waste products and recover before the next series of pulses begins.  The high voltage and current would be harmful if applied for a long period of time.  But, since the pulse is so short, this highly stimulating voltage and current can be applied without producing intolerable discomfort.  This strategy of electrical stimulation may result in the body regenerating nerve and muscle tissue if there is sufficient structure remaining.

How is Neurocare different from TENS? The TENS unit has a different wave shape.  The peak voltage of the TENS unit is not as high as the Neurocare, and thus does not recruit muscles and nerves as strongly as the Neurocare.

Conditions Treated: The Neurocare has been effective in relieving the symptoms of many conditions, such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, spinal cord injury, etc.

Treatment Protocol: Apply the Neurocare electrodes to the skin in the area of the problem.  Specific instructions will be given by the doctor for your particular condition.  When turning the unit on, start with the controls turned down to minimum, and then gradually increase the intensity to the strongest stimulus that is comfortable.  Treatment is 30-45 minutes 1-2x/day or more.  It can be left on and applied continuously throughout the day at low level for chronic pain.

How to obtain: The Neurocare is available only by a doctor’s prescription.  I am available to facilitate getting a Neurocare unit if you are medically qualified.