The fundamental theory of German Biological Medicine is that the body will function in a healthy manner when the burden of tissue toxicity is removed.  German Biological Medicine uses the energetic stimulation of homeopathically potentized herbal medicines to stimulate the cleansing of various toxic tissues.  History, physical, lab tests, and instrumentation are used to determine which tissues, organs, and systems are most critically affected and in need of detoxification to return the body to health.

The organs of elimination must be healthy to fully make use of this protocol.  The Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, and Skin are the major organs of elimination. The lymphatic vessels are the channels of toxin transport out of the tissues.  The first intervention is often to detoxify the Kidney, Liver, and Lymph to ensure that these organs are healthy and ready to eliminate the toxic burden causing dysfunctional tissue and symptoms.

The cells, tissues, and organs which show symptoms of pain and diminished function must be detoxified to restore innately expressed health (i.e. full expression of health without the necessity of suppression or stimulation).  If the condition is chronic, deep, or widespread, the organs associated with the dysfunction, as well as the organs supporting the affected organs, should also be treated, since the body functions as a complex web, not as a group of isolated islands.

The immune system is responsible for resolving chronic focal infections and removing cellular debris from damaged tissue. The San Pharma remedies (made from molecular fragments from homeopathically potentized bacteria and fungi) are used to modulate the immune system to appropriately respond to the presence of viral, bacterial, and fungal foci.  The immune system can be hyperactive in the case of inflammation and autoimmune disease, or deficient (anergic) in the case of unresolved chronic focal infections (e.g. sinuses, tonsils, chronic bronchitis, cystitis, tooth abscess, diverticulitis, chronic appendicitis…).  

The body heals from insults and degeneration in a sequence documented by Hans Reckeweg, MD, and his theory of reverse vicariation (restoring health by going through the sequence of health deterioration in reverse order) is at the basis of German Biological Medicine.  The theory is now widely accepted in alternative medical thinking, and well proven by patient experience and therapeutic efficacy.  During the process of health deterioration, the body goes through a sequence of storing more toxins into the connective tissue matrix, which in turn corresponds to an increasing level of tissue and functional degeneration.  When tissue cleansing is inefficient or suppressed, the connective tissue matrix surrounding the cells absorbs the toxins, and in turn, becomes reduced in its functional capabilities.  The toxic connective tissue matrix may manifest in progressively more serious symptoms ranging from inflammation, cysts, and tumors, to cancer.  At each stage of greater toxin concentration in the matrix, the functional capability of the tissue is progressively diminished, and greater dysfunction and more serious symptoms are expressed.

The toxins filling the intercellular connective tissue matrix can be endogenous or exogenous (i.e. generated from inside or introduced from outside of the body).  Every cell produces metabolic wastes, which should be carried off with the lymphatic fluid back to the blood stream through the lymph vessels, and on to the kidneys and liver as the major organs of excretion. The lungs and skin (epidermal and mucosal) are capable of toxin elimination, but function as comparatively minor excretory organs in comparison to the liver and kidneys.

Toxins from the outside can enter through our food, lungs, or skin.  Exogenous toxins include food additives (preservatives, coloring, flavorings…), industrial chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, solvents…), heavy metals, combustion products, chemical off-gassing, skin products (makeup, softeners, fillers, cleansers…), purposefully inhaled smoke, recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, etcetera.  Endogenous toxins are produced by normal metabolism in the cells.  Both endogenous and exogenous toxins must all be removed from the tissue, detoxified, and made soluble for elimination via the urine, bile, breath, and sweat.  When the organs of detoxification and elimination are overwhelmed, or the excretion is stopped by suppressive therapies (anti-inflammatory steroids/NSAIDs, cough suppressants, antibiotics, fever reducers, trauma, weakness…) the body accumulates toxins in various tissue locations, and symptoms may develop that reflect the accumulation of toxins in the various connective tissue matrix organ compartments.

When elimination is stimulated by homeopathic/herbal therapies (e.g. From various suppliers such as Pekana, Unda, Heel, BHI, Marco Pharma, PHP, PCHF, DesBio, Energetix…) the body is stimulated into excretory action.  This may stimulate the experience of elimination symptoms such as fever, skin eruptions, diarrhea, foul breath, etcetera.  The strong elimination symptoms can be reduced by taking the remedies at a lower dose and beginning therapy by stimulating detoxification in the organs and channels of elimination first (Kidney, Liver, Lymph).  Strong elimination symptoms usually will usually resolve in a few days to a few weeks, but the goal is to minimize or avoid the “healing crisis” type of elimination symptoms.  I recommend beginning with a low dose of the remedies to stimulate elimination in the detoxification organs, then work up to the full dosage in a gradual manner.  If at any time symptoms develop, then lower the dose to half, stay at that dose until the healing crisis symptoms have passed, and then resume the gradual increase in dosage until the full dosage is tolerated without stimulating detox symptoms.

The healing process takes time, as continuing to administer the remedies is an ongoing reminder to the body to keep eliminating its toxic burden.  The acupuncture tradition has a rule of thumb regarding the length of time to resolve a chronic condition: A condition will generally resolve in about 20% of the time it has been present or in evolution.  

A wide range of body conditions can be corrected using German Biological Therapies, since this is not a disease treatment, but rather a stimulation to restore tissue health.  As a result of cleansing the tissue matrix, the previously toxic and dysfunctional cells can return to a more normal functional participation in the organ/system/body’s health.

The Pekana remedies have an energetic component, which means they act on an unseen aspect of the body, which we shall call the soul.  We assume that such an effect on the unseen energetic realm because homeopathic medicine is effective at concentrations where there is no molecular substance in the administered remedies.  In the case of the Pekana remedies, there is both herbal effect and low dose homeopathic dilution.  Homeopathic remedies are prepared by repeated dilution and succusion (a process of repeated pounding the solution after each dilution to distribute the pattern of the molecule into the water-alcohol medium).  The Pekana remedies are spagyric herbal extracts, which is a process developed in the Middle Ages where the herbs are first fermented with a carbohydrate and yeast to produce a natural wine.  The active principle molecules are naturally extracted by the alcohol and water bathing the herb.  The plant fiber and liquid are then separated, and the fiber is heated and turned to ash, the minerals are washed out of the ash and reintroduced to the liquid extract.  The liquid extract is then diluted, potentized (diluted and succussed), and used as a homeopathic remedy.

The soul holds the divinely imprinted pattern of health for each body.  Administering the homeopathic remedy stimulates the soul to exert a normalizing force on the cells, tissues, organs, in an attempt to throw off the pattern of irritation introduced by the homeopathic energy patterns.  The action of the soul on the cells and tissues of the body causes the cells to activate and eliminate that which does not conform to that perfect pattern of health.  Thus, homeopathic remedies do not give health, they stimulate the body to restore health by activating them to exert force on the body to eliminate the interfering toxic agents.  In effect, the homeopathic reawakens the soul to exert its healing patterns on the cells.  By irritating the soul with the homeopathic, the soul attempts to throw off the imperfection embedded in the body tissues.  The result is the restoration of health by eliminating the tissue toxins, and by directly patterning cells with the perfect patten of health held by the soul.