Our Values

As Christians, we believe we are commanded to love God and our neighbor as our selves.  We do our best to treat everyone with the same respect we want from others.  We are a business, not a charity, but we help those who are less fortunate with a portion of our time.  We have learned some skills, but not all skills.  When your needs exceed our expertise, we will attempt to refer you to others who may help.

Our Approach

We always begin with a detailed intake, learning about you and your problem.  We share our ideas, explain our theory, and let you decide what treatment works for your budget, taste, and sense of right treatment.  God designed the body to repair itself naturally if the cause, the resistance to cure is removed.  Many disease conditions and injuries can resolve with the right stimulus and avoidance.  We will offer our opinion, share our experience, and explain our expertise to help you choose a treatment that will restore your body.

Our Theory of Health

Proper diet, activity, thoughts, beliefs, and relationships are the keys to a healthy body and a happy life.  Nature, science, and history gives us some clues about what we should include in a healthy diet.  Movement, exercise, and work should be limited to good stress – know your limits, and push them a little each day. Right thoughts and beliefs will nourish your soul – we believe the Bible contains the words of life.  Go through stressful times with faith and hope, regardless of the circumstances.  Nourishing and caring relationships give life meaning – treat your friends and family as you want to be treated.

Our Story

Dr. Thomas & Dr. Margo were married in 1989.  They met in Portland at a Bible study in Dr. Margo’s house in 1987.  Dr. Thomas began work in Dr. Winston Morrow’s clinic, moved to his own home office in 1991, and to our current location in 1998.  Dr. Margo started Naturopathic College at NCNM in Portland and finished her education in Seattle at Bastyr University.

Meet the Team

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Margo have been in practice together since 1994 at Gateway to Health.  Both are passionate about restoring your health and enjoy interacting with people.  We would love to meet with you and hear your story.  Maybe we can help.  Give us a call.  We would love to talk and see how we can serve you.

Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Internal Medicine and Counseling

Dr. Thomas began naturopathic medical school in 1982 and began practice in 1989.  His interest in human relationships made it natural to expand his practice to include personal and relationship counseling.  As an engineer and nuclear-trained naval officer, understanding how the body works and looking for causes of problems was natural.

Margo Diann Abshier, ND

Body Work and Cancer Support

Dr. Margo overcame her own bout with cancer using the Kelly Metabolic Program and offers support to patients with this body-normalizing program.  Her sensitivity to subtle body tension and position makes her a gifted practitioner in the use of bodywork.  Orthobionomy is a perfect expression for her since it allows the body to rebalance itself by subtle movement cues.

Next Steps…

If you are hurting physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, you should give us a call, tell us your story, and see if our expertise and experience may help you restore your health.  Give us a call at 503-255-9500 for a free phone consultation.