The Heavens Declare His Handiwork

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Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Naturopathic Doctor
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Libido, Energy

Menopause, Osteoporosis

Weight, Diabetes

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Naturopathic Medicine
The Holistic Healing Paradigm

Orthomolecular/Functional Medicine – (Hormones, Nutrition, Herbs, Homeopathy)

With the Goal of Restoring the Body’s God Given Pattern of Health
Removing the Resistance to Cure w/ Proper Nutrition, Lifestyle, Relationships, & Body Mechanics

Using Lab Tests & Clinical Judgement to Diagnose Errors of Metabolism and Genetics

Vitality Mix

The inventor-manufacturer of this product developed Vitality Mix as an ingredient for pet nutrition.  He gathered a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, prepared them by removing the pits and skin, and allowed them to ferment for many months.  He added the resultant strained liquid to his pet foods.  His pet food business became very successful, and over the years in business he heard many stories of sick pets recovering their health.

When he developed his own health problems he drank large amounts of the fermented fruit and vegetable drink.  He experienced the classic symptoms of a healing crisis, and eventually his health returned.  Such a reaction is a classic response described by the Nature Cure doctors of the 1800s.

The maintenance dose of this drink is 4-16 ounces per day, and the recommended dosage for supplying nutrition to an unhealthy body is 32-96 ounces per day.  The drink is stored as a frozen block, which may be fully thawed before drinking, or eaten slightly thawed as a popsicle.   

This particular product, is a classic type of remedy used in the Naturopathic Medicine.  Whole foods provide the substrate for nutrition.  Fermentation breaks down the nutrients into new molecules that are more easily absorbed and utilized by the cells.  The healing effects of fermented foods are well known in many native cultures.

The healing crisis has been classically described as the excretion of toxins, tumors, and infected tissue from the body, but the actual process involved in the healing crisis is unknown.  In general, when cells are given the nutrients that enable proper metabolic function they are able to throw off toxins, tumors, infections, and heal trauma.  The body was created to manifest a perfect pattern of health, but when that pattern is disturbed by toxins, injury, infection, or genetic error, the body does not manifest itself properly.

Disease, pain, infection and tumors are symptomatic evidence of imbalance of various sorts.  When looking at the body from the perspective of acupuncture meridians, the flow of the life force is interrupted resulting in deficiencies and excesses in the organ systems upstream and downstream from the blockage.  In biochemical terms, the cellular metabolism is disturbed by the blocking of enzymes.  In immunological terms, the body has not been able to activate sufficiently to throw off chronic infections.  

There are many causes for the symptoms, but if the body is well nourished, and able to eliminate well, then the body is designed to repair and normalize many disease conditions and their associated symptoms.  Possibly this explains the reports of people and pets who have reported the remission of various symptoms while using this formula.