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The following symptoms are not necessarily caused by allergies, but allergies can produce many symptoms, and should always be considered as a possible contributor to the symptom picture.

Symptoms of Allergies:

Testing Methods:

A number of different methods of allergic testing are available:

Development of Allergies via GI tract exposure:

Serum antibody panels detect the level of antibodies formed in the blood stream against foods.  A high level of antibody in the serum against a particular food may have formed because of the contact of undigested food molecules with the GI tract immune cells.  Such contact may occur in the presence of inflamed GI mucosa, which in turn may have formed in the presence of unhealthy bacteria or parasites.  

An unhealthy GI colonization of bacteria often results from taking antibiotics.  These unhealthy bacteria may irritate the GI tract, allow food molecules to penetrate the GI mucous membrane, produce a sensitization to the food molecules and overproduction of antibodies to the food,  When food molecules travel through the body, they may bind to certain tissues or lodge in the intracellular matrix of various organs.  The antibodies can then bind to these food antigens and stimulate a local immune response, thus creating symptoms.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

1) Diagnose the allergies via blood test

2) Treat by:

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